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1996 - 2002
Störfrequenz has been Marc Fischer's first music project. It started off as a DJ project in 1996, combining Western classical music with industrial and noise. The sets were played at variuos clubs and for some time at a weekly radio broadcast, too. The first tracks were produced in 1998 and released in 1999 on a split LP with Berbat Sez. There followed a 7? split release with Spalek and a full length Album.
2002 - 2010
During this period, and mainly due to his new project "Siamgda", for which Marc had to leave his old life and start learning a new musical language right from the scratch, only a few Störfrequenz tracks were produced.
Störfrequenz is back !!!!
After nearly 8 years of silence, Marc decided to bring back the  
Störfrequenz project and started to work on a New Album. There will be also a compilation (the missing years) with tracks originated between 2002 to 2010 out soon on Mind Plug Records.

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