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E.I.D is the Musicproject of Andre.W . He startet it in January 2006. In the beginning the sound was really bad, but with the time Andre got better Equipment.5 months later the first Album was finished only 32 people had download it . Andre wanted to make more music ,better music ,so he bought better equipment.




In 2007 the second Album Syndrom was born and ready for downloading . Time passes by and Andre get better and better. Compilations, Radios want E.I.D to be part of their CD / Program.




E.I.D was part of the Extreme Stoerfrequenz 3 and ABBY 3 Compilations, which was a great support for Andres Music. 2009 Rene .G joined the Project as Livemember and we had our first gig in Nürnberg (Germany) at the SchattentanzElectrofestival.

The Sound Cocktail is like a Mixture of Industrial, Noise , Electronic , with a shot of Classic. Let´s say Experimental Music, Music not for everyone ;)